About us

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Comfort2Go has grown out of a love for living on bord. When traveling, I can enjoy the little extras that make our daily lives easier and more comfortable.
Usually I do not have the time to watch TV, but on vacation I enjoy watching a movie on the couch or the news from the home font. I even have a chuckle when the weatherman or woman predicts bad weather in our homeland while I can lie baking in the sun.

Vacation is vacation. And then we do not need to live primitive. We have earned one perk . And that translates naturally into the equipment.
Our range has been specifically developed for the boat. This ranges from a satellite solution to watching TV or surfing on the Internet to sleep systems ,batteries, switches, etc.
Quite recently we found a suplier for electric Steps. Ideal for trips from or to your boat.

Because cost is important to us, we have developed a formula with our suppliers. We provide minimal cost. our supplier delivers directly to you.

This will void any extra shipping cost and because we do not stock, these costs are also not counted in our products. So why pay more if it can be cheaper.

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Comfort2Go team